I was sick. I was so sick I could hardly whisper the word coffeee. Mari checked on me for two days, suggested Pedialite and Gatorade, manzanilla (chamomile) tea.  My stomach was growling hungry and even a baby wipe smelled like it had the potential to be delicious.  But I wasn’t brave.

At 8 PM on the third day, I decided to just pretend I was okay. Mind over matter.  I had half a torta. It was the best torta I ever had. It was incredible. And I was fine.

So the next mornining I went to Cafe Arabia and ordered one waf- flay integral with ma- play syrup.  They gave me two in the shape of a sharp heart on a strawberry flower.  I ate one and brought the other to Mari.

I told my teacher it was the best waffle in the world, and now I am as strong as usual.  She corrected me: As strong as an oak (roble).  I said we say ox; she thought that was weird and that a tree is stronger than an ox.


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