Spanish class was productive. I think I am starting to be able to better correct myself and to see patterns in my errors.

My homework had very few issues, and she liked my approach. I mentioned theat it would be nice to have a model of how others may have approached the assignment to know how I am doing.

My main problem, I think, is that the pressure of the limited vocabularly and whatever form the verbs or phrases or etc. offers cause me to lack creativity when it comes to plot. This is disappointing, and for me, is the eequivalent of my lack of courtesy in a tense situation.

For both of these vignettes, I was tasked with taking on the voice of one of the main characters to try out the future tenses. I usually avoid the simple future, opting insted for going to…, but for each task, Iw as able to get some practice in and found that maybe I don’t mind the simple future.

I also noticed that although I don’t intentionally use verb tenses in English, there is something powerful in trying to predict, plan, and divine whgat will happen.


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