scuba diving

M—asks my plan for the day. When he hears I will go to the library, he asks me what I will choose to read although we both know it will probably be whatever is in the poetry section.

I try to branch out, look at a book of Hitchcock short stories, dare to peruse the mystery section. I even consider memoir, but in the non-fiction section, I get caught up on the titles on writing, the how-to guides. I am so predictable, I think as I look for anything I haven’t read before. Then, I am delighted by the book tucked between Creating Unforgettable Characters and Storytelling in the New Hollywood.

A thin volume, The Complete Scuba Diving Guide doesn’t appear to be so complete. Or, perhaps, scuba diving is simpler than one might imagine. I had to open it up to see if maybe it was, in fact, a guide to writing, an extended metaphor.

Skimming the entire manual, I am fairly certain it was not misplaced.

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