Separadores para Libros – Bookmarks

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bookmark artist

This man uses acrylic paint to create bookmarks and art to be framed.  He walks up and down the pedestrian street all day trying to unload some of his pieces.

I came across him one cool morning and had my fingers crossed that I’d be the first sale of the day. That gives me a little more leverage. Plus, I was buying in quantity.  At first, he was sort of stubborn.  And, he insisted on telling me that they were all made by hand and me how much work he puts into the pieces and some of the symbolism.

I explained the trouble was I only had a certain amount of money and couldn’t meet his needs.

I told him I see him every day and would just catch him next time.

But he decided he wanted to make the first sale of the day and went to the price I’d originally suggested.  How could I say no?

Before I was invisible to him as we passed on the walkway; now he sees me every day…

and tries to get me to buy some more…

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