It was raining again, and I alsmost did not head out to find the Little Businessman and Co. They are far better prepared for the rain than I.  And, when it is raining, there are few places for us to take cover.

I may want to stay home, but once I have made plans, I rarely fail to follow through, so I headed out in a heavy rain and found that as I walked on the downpour became a sprinkle, a drip, and then stopped.  It was at that time I encountered the family walking up the pedestrian highway.  Rosita saw mw first and then Cecelia.  We turned around and headed back to the zocalo to get five ears of corn and two cups of corn that is a sort of cream corn with mayonnaise and cheese.  Then, we headed back to Santo Domingo to enjoy the cool evening.

At some point, we noticed Agostino was missing.  He is as much moth as I, and we found him with a group of people sending off Globos de Cantoya on the square in front of Santo Domingo.  It was her 32nd bithday, and she was sending up desires with each of the balloons. One couple shared a white heart.  The woman gave us a green lantern and clear instructions for waht to do.  After getting over the fact my Spanish may not be good enough to play with fire and after a few almost-collissions with the others who’d generously welcomed us in, the five of us: Julio, Agostino, Marisella, Cecelia, and I made a wish.

globo2 globo3

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