La Escuela Primaria Benito Juarez Grupo de Danza

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At the top of the pedestrain street Saturday night, a group of students from the Benito Juarez primary school danced for passersby while their adoring parents sold sweets on the street.  Better than any bake sale I have been to, they had jello and pastries, and horchata, and more.

Even better, the mini-Guelaguetza featured three very happy students, one of whom danced with only one sandal and a smile.  The fourth student in the part of the show I happened to catch was a small boy whose face conveyed his displeasure with the afternoon’s antics.

When he was supposed to “bite” the rose from his partner’s mouth, it fell to the ground.  When he was supposed to wave his hat in the air, it was heavy.  But when he had to charge like a wild bull at this girl waving a red handkerchief, his horns were sharp.




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