Voting Part III: Pre-Election Grafitti

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Translation: They all make promises. No one follows through.  Vote for no one.  Boycott the vote.


Translation: This June 7, what will you elect? More of the same? Elect to fight. Boycott the electoral farce.


INE is a political party. Represented on the bag is the symbol for pesos, not dollars.

(Dollars have two slashes in the S.)


I am not sure what this is, but it was affixed to cover the first graffiti example.


This also was a sticker covering ant-election graffiti.

I think it is about unity.  I am not sure.

vivos los queremos

Translation: We want them alive.

This refers to the 43 disappeared (presumed dead teachers).

faltan 43 maestros

Translation: We are missing 43 teachers.

muerte a la federacion

Translation: Death to the federation.

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