hardworkI am only half joking when I say that I maintain a list of things that happen in Oaxaca tat would never occur in the United States.  Among them: dancing with swinging turkeys as a partner; throwing whole pineapples to a crowd; disregarding sirens; riding in the back of a truck; taking the whole family of four out (at the same time) on a single motorcycle; igniting fireworks into a crowd; I could go on.

One of the most peculiar things to me, an (how shall we say it?) ungraceful person is the amount of hazards that are visible to me, but are not hazards at all for locals.  Take this scene here.  Three men push this support beam while another secures it and I stand below with the guys holding the pole at the middle of the tent.

As I take this in, I realize, for my own sake, I need to move.

The tent, of course, goes up, and all is well.  There was, in the end, no need for concern.


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