Singing in Tlacochahuaya

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We learned a heap of adjectives in Tlacochahuaya.  We learned light, dark, high, low, hot, cold, pretty, serious, old, late, early, small, large, fast, slow.

Serious was seriously challenging in the pronunciation department.  At one point, I wasn’t even sure how to put the syllables together.  We pronounced and mispronounced it too many times: serious, serious, serious, serious, serious, serious, serious.

We started off with telephone as we waited for our classmates to take their places.

“The flower is pretty” became “I am fine.”

“The dog is small” became “the toy eh moy.”  (I mean, doesn’t it sound like English?)

“The doll is pretty” became a mash of noise, something along the lines of “explode incriminate.”

And, the sky is dark returned completely intact.

We did a word search and played a spelling game with our new words.  On Wednesday, we will make sentences full of brilliant details.

In the middle of class, Mia stood on the bench and leaned over and whispered in my ear to inform me that tomorrow she will be nine.

At the end of the class, we sang two rounds of Happy Birthday in English with more gusto than anyone can expect at 6 pm, one for Mia and one for Abigail who’ll be ten on Thursday.  In the end, they wanted to sing just one more round, but to whom?  We sang to the world.


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