There’s a giant blockade at the corner of ninos heroes and Benito Juarez streets. It blocks the way to the community of San Felipe. It blocks the buses going to ADO not to mention the city buses and normal traffic. The rest of the neighborhood streets are clogged from the baseball stadium to the posada and more. Getting home was like being in a game of Frogger.

I took these photos at the corner. These folks aren’t going ANYWHERE. it’s as if they’re chilling with friends.

I politely asked a group of people what the blockade was about. They super reluctantly finally responded with: it is a blockade.

I asked again what is the blockade for? I was met with the same intense silence. Finally, one protestor directed me to an official spokesperson. I said, “Surely you know why you’re here. I’m not from a newspaper or anything.”

At last, a man said they hadn’t received their wages. They wouldn’t offer more infermation.

Great way to get people to side with your cause. First, infuriate them in evening traffic and cap it off with a vague message.

I went to the posada and told Miguel there was a blockade. Without caring why, he offered: Ojala que llueve mucho –mucho. God willing it rains a lot — a lot.

blockade 2


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