Sunset and Goats on Thursday

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For last night’s sun-gazing ceremony, we headed to the scenic outlook just off of Hwy. 19 (near mile marker 82), south of Waikoloa before Hualalai, overlooking, in the distance, Kiholo Bay.

Across the street, in the black trees, we could make out a herd of mostly black goats, two brown, one black and white. We watched as they slowly chewed their way across the hillside, coming closer to this busy highway. We listened as locals passing by honked at the goats to remind them to stay off the shoulder. Then, we heard a tiny goat repeating: “Maaaaaaaaaaaaah. Maaaaaaaaaaaaah.”

M began Maaaaaaaaaaaaahing back as we attempted, unsuccessfully, to snap the green flash.

There’s only so much the camera can do; the rest we must remember or put into words.



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