Update from EnVia Tour – Please Support Their Work!

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Jun 20 - Productos de Emma Alonzo - mayo de 2013

Here’s a note I received from EnVia today. Please consider supporting their work. Any amount will make a BIG difference.

We wanted to share some photos with you of a few of the women we met during our day together. After a woman receives a loan we stop by her home to take a photo of the products she purchased. Your tour donation provided these women with the opportunity to do things like increase inventory, buy new equipment, or sell new products. These loans support them as they work, improve, and expand their businesses. Thank you for making this possible, and contributing to the empowerment of these incredible women, and their families.

If you would like to continue helping us provide interest-free loans to women in Oaxaca, consider contributing to our campaign to buy our very own van. As of now, renting the van for the tours accounts for 20% of our overhead costs; by helping us to buy a van, you are enabling us to supply even more loans to the inspiring women we get to work with. There’s 5 days left in our fundraising campaign – you can help us reach our goal!
We really appreciate your support of the program. Please do keep in touch!

All our best,
The En Vía team

Julia Hernández, Nov 2012

Estela Isabel Jiménez López, Nov 2012

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