This is a map of what Mexico City used to look like. A very tiny man approached me as I was peering over the railing. He asked me if I spoke Spanish, and when I said yes, he became an impromptu docent and started a spiel about El Templo Mayor de Mexico-Tenochtitlan. He explained about this mythical place and archaeological zone we were standing on, how it was founded in 1325 by the Aztecs on the lake Texcoco. He told me about the Museo del Templo Mayor and its eight rooms dedicated to showcasing the history of the archaeology, ritual and sacrifice, ceremony and commerce, gods, goddesses and art, flora and fauna, agriculture, history, and excavations of the Cathedral (which is sinking).

After his dazzling presentation, he extracted a promise from me that, on a future trip, I will visit this impressive museum and learn more about his city.


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