The Little Businessman and Co.: The Doll

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the doll!

At Christmas, I gave the Little Businessman and Co. some toys: cars, a Rubik’s cube, and Cecilia, the only girl, received a doll with mahogany hair.

I felt silly giving them toys. Something like food or clothes would have been more practical, but still a part of me insisted, they are children, and they deserve to play.

On Friday night, during photo class, Cecila, like a proud magician, pulled her doll out of a small hiding place she has in her box of cigarettes and gum. The former beauty was missing a leg; her hair was a disheveled mess, and her clothing had been torn off of her, shredded even, by the boys. But there she was (most of her, at least), and she was clearly well-loved.

Today, as I wandered the Tlacolula market, I came across another doll for 25 pesos. For ten pesos more I bought a cute little outfit that came with a handbag, and for another ten pesos, I found some knee-high black boots. Funny enough, there were just three black boots, perfect for both of the dolls!

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