I hate to tease you, but photo classes have evolved into theatrical productions including action films depicting fights, extreme wrestling, and karate. (I am even considering upgrading to be able to show these post-modern shorts.) Cristobal (not a part of the family, but a new friend) performed a (rather lengthy) shampoo commercial from a water bottle he found in the litter surround the trees. Mateo directed this piece; yelling: “Corta!” (Cut!) at the end of the scene.

These are chaotic, often headless (even for parts of the shampoo commercial) videos we are making and watching repeatedly as if to study.

We caught lovers kissing passionately and narrated the romantic comedy as it unfolded before us.

What is interesting is that these children are practically invisible to the general public; they are sort of like the skinny dogs that roam Oaxaca’s streets. However, when they have an Iphone in their hands, people want to know what they are up to and are even willing to be their subjects because its something novel and strange to see one of these kids with a piece of technology.

This is how they get photos of things that I never could. The couple kissing? I’d be in big trouble. Them? They’re cute.

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