The Cofetarika website advertises an unmatched (inigualable) atmosphere, and I agree. I described this place in a past post as over the river and through the woods because of the stairs and bridge one must cross to find the tranquil, even in the bustling historic center of Oaxaca, patio and delicious scents of coffee and herbs.

Hungry after a full morning of trying to read about prison alternatives in Spanish, I had a luscious cantaloupe, mint, and ginger muddle and one of their wraps. Sweet teriyaki chicken with a mix of carrots and greens in a cilantro tortilla was even further enhanced with the server-recommended, creamy, thick, chipotle salsa, a small green salad, and expertly crispy rosemary potatoes (with a little more of that flavorsome salsa).

The café is committed to organic ingredients and is responsible for some of the most beautiful desserts I have seen in this city.


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