Officials are usually more on top of the graffiti in Oaxaca than they have been this month. There’s a 666 scrawled on the ethnobotanical garden’s concrete walls; there are a bunch of tags (on public and private property, including the windows of homes), some political messages, a few scribbles, and, on the more artistic side, some stencil graffiti and decals. However, these two spray-painted pieces in English (with an added umlaut) left me wanting to know more.

The Spring Break piece is particularly interesting as the paint has dripped through the s in spring, forming a dollar sign. Was this intended? Why is it here? In June? What are they trying to say? Why is it in English?


One Reply to “Graffiti in English”

  1. so curious. I saw the umlaut as two eyes over a big smile in the middle of hot sauce. Simple, but why in English? The dripping paint making the $ looks like milk dripping from breasts and seems much more complex to me.

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