Why I Love Spanish Class

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Advanced Spanish means advanced vocabulary, advanced topics of discussion, and advanced headaches. No more discussions about what we did the night before or about our favorite things in Oaxaca. That’s probably good because I was getting complacent with talking about how I love all of the music in the streets, tacos in Llano Park, the Little Businessman and Co., and the capricious children of Tlacochahuaya—and how I dislike the herb epazote (especially in beans) and all of the rain (even though I decided to visit in the rainy season). I needed to learn a new tune or two.

But today’s dissecting of two stories mashed together into one meant unbraiding complex concepts and maintaining a clear system to avoid overusing or overlooking each word.

And later, our reading promoting open prisons and more rehabilitative approaches to crime challenged us to consider a concept we don’t spend our days thinking about in English.

And, our final activity, to replace more than fifty italicized words in that same prison article, protracted over an endless hour, was particularly arduous, even for a word lover like me.

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