Oaxacans artisans sell their pieces directly in their villages and in various other storefronts and stands throughout Oaxaca. One of the places that serves as an outlet for their work is the Casa de las Artesanías. Today, I took M to show him the giant muñeca (doll) outside of the collaborative and to see how the rooms of this shop and gallery are organized. In one, there is black pottery; in another there is wool formed into purses, rugs, throw pillows and other things. In yet another room, there is metal work. Still another features alebrijes.

I found a gorgeous leather bag that I can use when I return home. As I was at the register looking to pay, the cashier introduced me to the artist himself, Abraham Garcia. He proudly showed me another bag he had recently finished. I complimented him on it and asked if I could take a photo with him. He consented and even jokingly fixed his collar, smoothed his hair, and erased his natural smile before M snapped the photo.

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