After a full day yesterday, we decided to head to the Zocalo to see what we could find in terms of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I know the Zocalo always is a good spot for a show. We found a seat at a table at one of the restaurants on the perimeter, and we didn’t have to wait for the celebrations to begin.

Revelers already had eggs filled with confetti and were smashing them in other people’s hair. Some already had silly string and shaving cream and were decorating others with their celebrating. A marimba band was playing a lively set of songs, and the people at the table next to us purchased a drawing from a local artist. They were passing it around with a pen for everyone to write a New Year’s Eve message. I was impressed by the chance to watch them make this unique souvenir together.

The Zocalo was filled with sparklers, fireworks, and all sorts of mini-celebrations throughout the evening. At midnight, everyone kissed someone, and most danced, toasted, and greeted strangers. Then, the real fireworks started.

Celebrators had roman candles and bottle rockets. Instead of shooting them directly into the heavens, they were shooting them into crowds and at people and into and over the cathedral. Add in children, shaving cream and silly string, people smashing confetti eggs on other people’s heads, and more, and you have chaos and excitement.

At one point a bottle rocket sailed into a woman selling gum. She frantically made sure her hair and dress hadn’t caught on fire, patting herself down and practically rolling on the ground. I knew I wouldn’t have been as calm as she was if the fire sailed into me, and so we headed for the safety of home.







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