All we had heard were warnings that there are pickpockets, aggressive men, other dangers in the Mexico City Metro. And, like most other warnings about the lack of safety of a city, the admonitions were, to say the least, overreactions, exaggerations, ridiculous.

We found the Metro was reminiscent of Paris’s. It is a convenient, organized, mostly clean way to navigate the city. A ride also only costs 3 pesos, fewer than 30 cents.

One of the most impressive parts of our trek through the subway structure was the Science Tunnel that includes a display of the constellations and an exhibit on the environment and the need to protect food, the ecosystem, and culture. One of the tunnels is dark and displays the heavens in glow-in-the-dark illustration and other striking photographs. Traveling from one area to another in the Metro was — as we have found most of Mexico — pleasing, educational, and safe.






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