The restaurant called Los Pyramides at Teotihuacan was an awful experience. I tried several times to order something vegetarian and light as the day was super warm. However, we were told there were no soups and no salads. Then, we learned there were no appetizers beyond a dish that includes the eggs of ants that live on the maguey plant and something else with grasshoppers. (I guess they are so small they don’t count as meat?)

At one point, I noticed that the table next to us had a salad. M was already eating his Tequila and epazote shrimp dish that featured shrimp floating on a moat of ketchup. I asked the waiter: “Why is it that other people can have salad and I cannot?” He started talking even faster Spanish than he had before; then he asked which salad I might want and ran off. He came back about ten minutes later and said that he could manage something, if I still wanted it. I assured him that I did and received a salad with red wine dressing, not red wine vinegar — actual red wine.

Then, the people at the next table over also asked for a salad. When they were told there were no salads, they pointed to mine. I am sure this cycle repeated itself all afternoon.

Although there are few other options to dine in the site, skip this restaurant and the unhappy people working there. If you insist on going, avoid the shrimp dish. (These pictures are perhaps deceiving.)


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