M and I had Chinese food tonight. At the end of the meal, we received two fortune cookies. The messages were in Spanish, and the slips of paper also included lucky lottery numbers.

My fortune said:
Vas a salir de tu incertidumbre a una gran paz y libertad.
You are going to leave your uncertainty to a great peace and liberty.

M’s said:
Hay muchas nuevas oportunidades que se te presentan.
There are many new opportunities that will come your way.

(By the way, the messages were directed to tu instead of usted. Usted is more formal. Tu is more familiar. It seems appropriate for something claiming to have a personal fortune to use the more familiar form.)

We were happy to see that the messages were:
1. As vague and positive as usual.
2. In Spanish.
3.Phrases that could be silly with “in bed” at the end of them. (Although we aren’t sure if this is something that is done here.)
4. Better than the cookie itself.

M asked what my uncertainty is about. I was uncertain. I didn’t even know I had any until the fortune tipped me off.

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