The little house on the Zocalo is nearly complete. What it is missing are images of the saints and people singing. This will likely occur next week when the posadas begin on 12/16.

In piñata class we learned more about this tradition. In particular, there are ten homes that offer to host a meal and singing (in most communities); these homes represent the places Joseph and Mary went on their journey. Apparently, people can reserve with the church (now for next year) to be a location that hosts a posada (which sounds like a progressive dinner with Christmas caroling and people carrying (sometimes life-size) images of Christ and saints, but over the course of many nights). I need to see this!!

I asked if there is any way to be invited to (or to invite myself to) a posada. Cynthia, my piñata teacher explained that Tlacochahuaya might be a good place for me to ask someone to be my host. I am going to find a way in.

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