MEAPO – The State Oaxacan Folk Art Museum

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I finally had a chance to see the Oaxacan Folk Art Museum. It is an incredible monument to where people can take the traditional art forms. The creativity and vision housed in this building is fascinating. Moreover, seeing some of the folk art in the context of a museum gave me a deeper appreciation for it. More specifically, the toros (bulls and other figures that carry the fireworks for a calends or fiesta), I had never considered them as art. Of course they are; they are handmade and thoughtfully decorated before they are used as a vehicle to spread sparks over a crowd.

I especially liked the scale of some of the projects. I have seen alebrijes that are large — a cat that is nearly three feet tall, but I had never seen a free-standing, elaborately painted one that towers nearly ten feet above much smaller ones. I have seen black pottery skulls, but not more than a doorway full of them together. At the same time, some of the pieces were incredibly small and equally ornamented with extraordinary detail.

I wish I had visited this sanctuary sooner.










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