The places that haven’t already been bedecked seemed to be in process today (and it isn’t even December yet). At the Oaxaca Lending Library, the shelves that were the altar now display materials, and all of the tree ornaments line a table, waiting to hang on the artificial tree that now has lights. As I arrived at the library, at about six this evening, the tree lights had blown out a circuit. The lights went back on, but the tree will have to be finished tomorrow.

Restaurants, hotels, and even fancy bars are festooned and garlanded or are in the process of being adorned. The Zocalo features poinsettias (noche buenas), but will there be an enormous tree? What will the churches do with flowers and light to ring in the season? When will the calendas start? What do the villages look like? What will I do to celebrate this holiday? I will let you know as I find out more.

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