Native American Ceremony by the Cathedral

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At five this evening, a man possessing a large shell, incense, and a tremendous headdress began to perform a ritual in which he cleansed the sidewalk area in front of the cathedral. Barefoot and in a loincloth, he tirelessly danced for the mesmerized crowd.

At the end, when he requested money from the onlookers, he offered to use the smoke to cleanse the viewers. Two small girls took him up on this offer before he decided to sweep across the whole crowd and purify us all. In the US, most would call him Native American and wonder what specific band of people this ritual represents. In Mexico, I call him the same and have the same question.

Look at how he catches air in one of the shots; look at the crowd. You can almost see the quiet that took over the evening sky until he blew the shell to call the four directions.

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