Christmas in the Supermercado (Supermarket)

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While in Santa Monica, CA, and other places in the US, people are debating whether a nativity should be displayed in a public park and while some people insist on cheerily singing out: Happy Holidays and others maintain that it is Merry Christmas, Christmas has already started to take over Oaxaca, particularly in the grocery store.

There are Christmas trees in the produce section of the market (because where else would they be?); there is a sleigh with some chunky reindeer in the bakery aisle; there are several decorated artificial trees and trees assembled from arrays of cans and other products, and there is a nativity beneath a tower of chips. No one seems to mind this mix of commerce and Christmas. In fact, feeling in the spirit of things, I purchased my own Christmas bonsai, a gaudy little bush that has been weighed down with a whole lot of cheer.

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