Sometimes in English class, as I am quizzing the students on things they should know, they ask: ?Quien sabe? (Who knows?) I always reply, “Yo se” (I know). I will remind them that they also know.

Today, as we were listing words of things that are circles: eyes (ojos), balls (pelotas) and rectangles: tables (mesas), beds (camas) and triangles… one student said that a nariz (nose) is a triangle shape.

I spelled N-O-S-E, and they said: No se (I don’t know). They kept wanting to pronounce nose as they would say I don’t know: no say.

This is something we work on together all of the time. We finally can say spider instead of speeder, scorpion instead of escorpion. We are still working on bear; it still sounds like beer. And, I am getting closer to being able to say refrigerator in Spanish. It’s a process.

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