The final day of English class in Tlacochahuaya was the perfect way to close out my time with them.

We did some work on profiles (and they brought pictures of when they were younger, as if they aren’t young already). I also gave them a post test to see how their learning had advanced. (They might have been better when we started! The progress is glacial.)

After break, I promised to blindfold them and feed them fruit (and canned veggies–and pickles) for them to guess what was in their mouths–in English. I felt like Gordon Ramsey, only nicer.

They all–without a doubt–HATE pickles. They don’t even know the word for them in Spanish. Thus, any time we’d poke a pickle into someone’s mouth, the blindfold would come flying off and the victim would run to the stairs and throw the rancid thing off the stairs.

I did not hesitate to don the blindfold. I knew they’d feed me my fill of dill chips. I love them. I did not expect them to be crammed in a palillo (toothpick) with banana slices, strawberries, and carrots. But I managed to go a few rounds before a cursed green bean got me.

It was a delightful afternoon. The kids decided rice is better than beans and potatoes, but potatoes are better than beans. Apples and bananas are equally delicious, but grapes and watermelon are the best. And pickles are the worst. The worstest even.

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