I know this plate looks suspiciously green, but it is a creamy luscious green the texture of latte foam, the earthy flavor of cilantro. I know a cilantro latte sounds disgusting to most, but after the mushroom crepes at Café Arabia in Jardin Conzatti, I would certainly be persuaded to try one.

I wasn’t sure if these mushroom crepes would be accompanied by anything and was relieved to see the companion to the meal was just a small semblance of a salad and none of the watery beans that usually contain epazote and can ruin half of a plate for me.

A soccer match fills the air as does the sound of adolescents on dates and the rain and traffic outside this garage-like building I tend to visit at breakfast time for coffee and speedy internet. But I might reconsider my schedule and try out another version of the savory crepe.

Plus, their desserts include a cloud of a lemon meringue and some kind of a syrupy tart along with chocolate and carrot cakes and apple pie.

And, they offer the breakfast of champions: a latte.

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