Elections in Oaxaca June 7, 2015

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It was wild here yesterday. I was in the VIPs, the Denny’s equivalent, where I like to go on Sundays to see the “middle class” families engaging in the ritual of brunch.

Marchers came down Benito Juarez, past Llano Park; from the restaurant’s window, we could see people with masks and sticks and slingshots. The management of VIPs decided to roll down the metal door, and we were sequestered inside as the teachers and others (including young anarchists with bandanas covering their faces) sprayed graffiti on the windows before us and tried to break the same windows with barrels.

One group slinging rocks at the windows had a rock ricochet back into their truck and ignite something that started smoking. People dove out of the truck (and to the floor in VIPs).

While we waited out the chaos, we had a lot of coffee until the management decided to send out through the kitchen.

I saw marchers burning ballots in the street. But this morning’s headlines, the majority of them at least, suggest that democracy prevailed.

The gas stations are back open as is the airport.

I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand this. One man in VIPs told me in English: “They are mad at the government.”

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