More than fifty flavors are advertised at the Manolo Nieves, a self-described ice cream museum in Oaxaca.  Take that Baskin-Robbins!

I had the Peppermint and mint, pictured above.  I also bought a Oaxacan chocolate cone for the man who plays the accordion at the top of Alcala every day.  No matter that I walk up and down the street MULTIPLE times a day, he hits me up for change coming and going.  I usually give his son some fruit or something equally sweet.  No money.

I have grown to think of the accordion players as trolls that want a toll every time I cross over the bridge (I guess I am a billy goat).  Anyway, today I discovered the best payment is an ice cream cone.  It is refreshing for the poor man playing his heavy instrument in the afternoon sun.  And, it makes him both stop playing and put down the bowl to collect coins.  It’s a little break in a delicious cone.

Nieves Gourmet – Gourmet Ice Cream

Monolo – Toffee

Sorbete – Sorbet

Maracuya con crema – Passionfruit and cream

Fresas con crema – Strawbrries and cream

Pétalos de rosa – Rose petals

Melón con crema – Cantaloupe with cream

Limón con crema – Lemon with cream

Arroz con leche – Rice with milk

Cajete – Caramel

Tres leches – Three milks

Trozos de pistache con crema – Pistachio

Chocolate con avellana y licor – Chocolate with hazelnuts and liquor

Chocolate con almendras – Chocolate with almonds

Zarzamora – Blackberry

Mezcal – Mezcal

Nanche – Nanche

Mamey –Mamey

Tequila – Tequila

Kiwi – Kiwi

Higo con Mezcal – Fig with Mezcal

Piña Colada – Piña Colada


Las Tradicionales – The Traditional Flavors

Nuez – Pecan

Tuna – Cactus

Tejate – Cacao foam

Sorbete – Sorbet

Chocolate oaxaqueño – Oaxacan chocolate

Pétalos de rosa – Rose petals

Leche quemada – Scalded milk

Coco – Coconut

Vainilla – Vanilla

Capuchino – Cappuccino


Exóticas – Exotic Flavors

Maracuya con mezcal – Passionfruit and mezcal

Pera con chili piquin – Pear and chili

Pepino con limón – Cucumber and lemon

Cilantro con pepino – Cilantro and cucumber

Hierba buena con menta – Peppermint and mint

Epazote con chapulín – Epazote (yuck) with grasshopper

Tamarindo con chapulín – Tamarind and grasshopper

Papaya con canela y miel – Papaya with cinnamon and honey

Plátano macho con crema – Plantain and cream


Para Refrescarte – To Refresh Yourself

Maracuya – Passionfruit

Uva – Grape

Naranja – Orange

Tuna – Cactus

Zapote – Sapodilla

Limón – Lemon

Tamarindo – Tamarind

Mango – Mango

Mandarina – Mandarin

Jamaica – Hibiscus

Melón – Cantaloupe

Piña – Pineapple

Chocolate de agua – Hot chocolate

Guanábana – Soursop

Ciruela istmeña – Isthmus plum



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