FireworksI missed Fourth of July fireworks in the US.  I always like the big aerial shows that boom over the valley like a Thunderstorm.  I like the sizzle and singe of the night sky, the smell of barbecues and cooling lawn.

I also love the curbside show we have with family where we throw blooming flowers, snakes, and strobes into the street with fountains and smokes to round out the show.

Here, there is the sound of fireworks at least every night, a boom (or more) that can cause me to flinch every time.  But sometimes the show is spectacular and comes in brilliant colors as it booms across the valley.  Sometimes it is so much like home, I feel like I’m small again and home in the desert I grew up in, lying in the bed of the old truck, mom and dad and Heidi ohhhhhing and awing right beside me.


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