La Favorita restaurant in West Sacramento should have al fresco dining just as El Importador on the Zocalo in central Oaxaca because it has some of the same flavors.  The attention to authentic flavors is right here in these three cocktail glasses: horchata, jamaica, and tamarindo.

The michelada isn’t quite as spicy (and it comes with a shrimp hanging from the side as if it might be a shrimp cocktail); the pickled carrots, potatoes, and peppers are no longer crisp, but not so tender as to be mushy.

The carne asada tacos and tortas arrive at the table fast and are siesta-inducing filling.  They even make handmade tortillas on weekends to accompany the hearty soups.

This little shop, decorated with horses and rodeo posters, including one of floreo de riata, rope turning, wafts with the scents and sounds of the zocalo, too.  Just being here has inspired me to find a $400 flight to Mexico City in June.

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