On Friday, I, and several of my friends, went to Davis to take a tour of Sudwerk’s brewery: The Dock.

There is a restaurant adjacent to the brewery, but we started with a flight of samples from the beer makers.  The first was named: Three Best Friends.  It was unanimously our favorite of the five or six we sampled.

In fact, it made us wish we had the appropriate lexicon to describe what we were tasting, but we couldn’t come up with anything between the five of us.  Nothing.  You’ll just have to go try it yourself.

Their core lineup includes: Northern Pilsner, Marzen Amber Lager, Hefeweizen Bavarian Wheat, and Dry Hop Lager.

We had three samples before we set off on the tour, and I was hungry and then tipsy. And then climbing stairs to see the grain silo and then ambling into the cooler. Finally, I was elbowing my friends and giggling and guffawing about words such as yeast and lager and Cascaderade.

I felt sorry for the tour guide who really wanted us to be sober home brewers so he could go into great detail about the process, but we were tittering to our fill of the tipple.

sudwerk1 sudwerk2 sudwerk3 sudwerk5

The Dock is located north of the restaurant’s entrance, at the roll up door. 2001 – 2nd St., Davis, CA 95618. 

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