We Sell Sea Shells (and More) by the Sea Shore

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The other day, we were browsing Whaler’s General Store in the King Shops area of Waikoloa. This shop has a wide variety of gift items, including Hawaiian products, such as coconut pancake mix, macadamia nut chocolates, coffee; typical souvenirs: key chains, magnets, and pens; and more unique Hawaiian items such as koa wood products, fabrics, and jewelry.

I searched through the wood items looking for the kitschy replica of the naked man wearing a barrel that hides his bobble junk and his female counterpart whose equally well-endowed chest also is spring-loaded. I’d brought one home a few years ago to a giggling co-worker, but I could not locate these items, so I asked a young, male employee about their whereabouts.

He blushed hard, led me to where they’d normally be, and carefully hollered out to a colleague to see if he knew where they’d gone. His colleague hooted back that my blushing helper probably had them all at his house.

One Reply to “We Sell Sea Shells (and More) by the Sea Shore”

  1. We sell sea shells by the sea shore! I remembered those words back on English exams back in Elementary school. Thanks for remains back! 😁

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