Waikoloa Village, off Waikoloa Rd. has a few places to dine, a municipal golf course, a KTA grocery store, a post office, and more. The other morning, out of butter and eggs, we decided to head to the market there. We were hungrier than we’d realized and searched out a breakfast joint.

The smells of Kona coffee brewing and macadamia nut pesto lured us into the café and then quickly out the door into the breezy Hawaii air at a patio table. The rest of our party had typical breakfast foods (eggs, Belgian waffles, toast) with a twist or two (Portuguese sausage in place of boring breakfast sausage, for example), but I had the (local, organic, sweet, fresh) veggie wrap which was a sun-dried tomato tortilla which featured their macadamia nut pesto, local mushrooms, three squashes, carrots, red bell peppers, and “homemade” pico de gallo. What a super-delicious detour!


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