Ippy’s Hawaiian Barbecue

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I usually like to have the Food Network on in the background when I am grading essays. As a result, I instantly recognized Ippy’s Hawaiian Barbecue as having the name of Ippy, one of the contestants from one of the seasons of Food Network Star. He was the one who was too relaxed for the judges. They wanted him to be both laid back and commanding at the same time. This is tricky.

So he has a Hawaiian style fast food shop in the food court at the Waikoloa Queens Shops. The sign depicts a caricature of the near celebrity, and the menu contains all of the dishes one would expect on a Hawaiian menu: loco mocos, teriyaki plates, all sorts of burgers, and sandwiches.

As a takeout place goes, it is on par with any chain: Hula Hawaiian, L&L, etc. Nothing surprising, nothing exciting, just good local-style food.

I have heard that Ippy has also opened a gastropub in Kings Shops across the street. Called Three Fat Pigs, it is bound to be more remarkable.

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