Markets: 20 de Noviembre and Benito Juarez

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20 de Noviembre

This afternoon I had to run to the Benito Juarez market to pick up a bag to lug some of the things people have requested home. I wanted one of the bags made out of old rice sacks, but I found something with better handles to help me get it to the bus stop early Saturday morning. There are two markets across the street from one another. 20 de Noviembre is a teeming food market with all of the deliciousness you might imagine, and Benito Juarez houses the jewelry, flowers, clothing, and some food, including ice cream. I highly recommend it all!

Go early in the day. Especially go on a weekend morning when all of the locals are dining together and joyously listening to music and eating together.

These markets, both, are a feast for the senses.


20 de noviembre3


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