Last Class in Tlacochahuaya

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The last class in Tlacochahuaya was smooth. We caught the direct bus to town (hooray), beat the rain, had some time outside on the lawn before the ginormous drops started falling. We ran under the metal roof for cover, and we played games until the rain stopped and it was time to go home. We were praising the perfect timing of the rain’s disappearance when the bus came early and swept us back into dry for the rest of the evening Oaxaca.

When we were under the loud metal roof, we did a post-test that shows we are starting to recover our knowledge and add to it. For successfully completing this, we earned a yoyo on a way short string and some candy.

Because we could hardly hear anything anyway, we played telephone. A phrase such as, “The weather sure is nice today” became a jumbled and garbled mess, and by the time it came around the circle once, we had something like: glock wock woogie. Of course, some of this was sabotage, but most of it was the foreign sounds of these thick words in our mouths.

We triumphantly went around the circle of more than ten only twice. One of the successful sentences was: “I like yoyos.”






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