My computer’s memory is filling up and threatening to reject additional photos because Mateo has taken classes so seriously (and because Cecilia always throws the camera into video mode). I am not complaining; I am merely quantifying our activities.

A project called Photovoice says when you turn cameras over to kids they take pictures of things they value. It is no wonder that Mateo and Cecilia nightly take a picture of their candy/cigarette boxes; this is a huge part of their lives. They heave even personalized these “shells” of theirs with stickers and other unique identifiers.

They also take pictures of the businesspeople they like on the Zocalo. Here are some examples of those snapshots. I am sure I have said this before, but they have at least two advantages I don’t when it comes to taking good pictures: people aren’t expecting them to take pictures and are used to having them around. Consequently, they are able to really capture Oaxaca with an authentic lens.

I am grateful for what I get to learn in these classes.



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