Remembering How to Say Green

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I came to Oaxaca for four reasons:
1. To see the Little Businessman and Co.
2. To teach English in Tlacochahuaya.
3. To study and practice Spanish.
4. To write.

The classroom in Tlacochahuaya is filled with bags of concrete. It is dusty and hard to breathe in there, and construction workers go in and out of the room all afternoon. As a result, e have tried to have classes on the lawn with the wild dogs and their fleas, but it is the rainy season, so some days we have huddled under a metal roof and sat on the concrete waiting out the storm.

It is no wonder that, despite the blue skies and temperate sun, only two students came to class today. One has hardly missed a day in two years; the other is new and very timid. English words are like elephants in her mouth, and she is embarrassed, so her energy goes into her discomfort rather than in remembering how to say green.

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