Cafe Los Cuiles: Pay de Limon (Lemon Pie)

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Cafe Los Cuiles is one of the few cafes open on Sundays here. It has an excellent organic menu. I know from a past visit, their breakfasts and hummus (the hummus arrives hot, freshly made with bread or tortilla strips; pick bread) are delicious.

But the other day, my head throbbing, I came to Los Cuiles looking for coffee and something sweet.

Almost always interested in lemon, I decided to try the lemon pie. It arrived with chocolate sauce drizzled over the top. I expected to hate it, to find the chocolate and lemon to be discordant flavors. But it was a delightful mix. The texture was something between mousse and cheesecake. It was the right balance of tart and sweet, creamy and crusty.

The atmosphere is comfortable. There is a beautiful patio, window seats, couches, and tables for working. The serves are hard-working and patient with even the most obnoxious tourists (and locals).

I’m going back to Los Cuiles — for the hummus, the pie, breakfast…




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