During photo class with the Little Businessman and Co., because I forgot to bring the second camera and Mateo wasn’t going to share, Cecilia decided to play beauty shop. She gathered a handful of flowers and carefully placed them in my bun, behind my ears, and on top of my head. Upon seeing my very flowery headdress, I complimented her, saying she was a miracle worker and that I looked so much better than usual. However, I could tell from the looks for passersby that it wasn’t the improvement I needed exactly.

Mateo is taking the photo class seriously. He practices being steady, using the zoom, and capturing unsuspecting subjects. He likes the idea that he can make things look even better than they do in real life. We especially saw this last night in his dozen or so photos of the evening sky.

Cecilia asked me, “What do you do with the pictures we take?” I told her the more than three-hundred they have taken in the last two nights, including videos, are in storage on my computer. They seem happy that they are somewhere.



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