County engineers can win the Buffalo Bull Award for inexplicable and incomprehensible contributions to engineering in California.

A cow pie in a glass box, it is not an award that anyone wants to receive, but a list of folks have, dating back to 1972: http://www.ceaccounties.org/Buffalo_Bull_Award.aspx?print=Y.

M was in charge of transporting the official Buffalo Bull Award, bringing it to Sacramento to be engraved. He arrived home with a beat-up American Tourister, making sure not to leave it in the car overnight for fear that someone might steal the precious poo cargo.

At a conference in Southern California last week, the newest honoree learned that he “won,” and the award will follow him to be displayed to his office.

A believer in celebrating what I have, even if it is a dried pile of excrement, I have decided all things should be celebrated with appropriate trophies, perfect ornaments, putrid monuments to the confounding, aggravating, ridiculous, and, yes, the beautiful in our world.

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