Today as I was fruitlessly searching for tahini, in between the egg and onion matzos and the unsalted ones, I noticed a familiar postcard and laughed out loud.

My friend Margi runs the Jewish Film Festival, and she has some good strategies for getting the word out, including leafleting the Jewish food section of Safeway.

I felt like a detective who’d come across a scene a perp had just fled. It was as if I’d stumbled across a mug of joe that was still warm, a nub of a cigarette smoking in the ashtray, or a glass marred with lipstick filled with cool milk. The Law and Order chime sounded in my brain.

I turned around, quickly, looking for her.

By the way, go to the Jewish Film Festival: http://www.jewishsac.org/page.aspx?id=260050.

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