I can recall a handful of things from preschool. I remember, at least once a week, struggling with a mean girl to ride the tricycle, even just to round the playground once. I recollect the day we used steaming moss-colored water to dye knotted white shirts. And, I will never forget being traced on a large piece of paper.

I still feel that tall.

This sunny Saturday, I traced three children – from their braids to their sneakers. I felt sort of self-conscious and apologetic. I mean, these weren’t my children, and there I was tracing the contours of their basketball shorts and each finger.

I was back in preschool, rolling around and learning how to get along with others on a surprisingly beautiful afternoon.

I was outlining patient, ticklish strangers, giving them an experience they may hold for a lifetime.




One Reply to “Outlines and Shadows”

  1. I have fond memories of doing that with my K class. We had boxes of skin tone crayons so that each child could color their outline to match their own skin.

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