It is week four of the Spring 2013 semester, and I am holding on to what I learned on sabbatical as tightly as I can — tighter than when I’d lose a tooth.

The tooth fairy would come, leaving me a single quarter under my pillow, and I’d discover the coin on on the cool underside of my pillow and clasp it the rest of the night, or until I fell asleep and my grip slackened.

I might wake to the coin imprinted on my arm or lost in the covers, nearly forgotten.

I’m holding on to the blog and the regular practice of writing, to playing outside, and to making balance (if not in my days) in my weeks.

I have built some struts to help me maintain my commitments to myself. One of the things that inspires me the most is that the students in my Creative Writing course are blogging, too. They are sharing all sorts of enlightenment and beauty on a daily basis.

There are five groups with approximately seven group members to inspire us (approximately) seven days a week.

Follow them. I am.

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