I don’t wear lipstick. Tinted lip balm, jamaica or Kool Aid stain, and cherry chapstick (if I remember to put it on) are as close as I might get to color on my usually dry and pale lips. But I am enamored with the names of these brilliant colors and the ones for nail polish.

The March 2013, they’re nearly a month ahead of the rest of us, issue of Real Simple magazine features more than thirty provocative names for lip colors at both ends of the Roy G. Biv spectrum.

The pinks are represented as: Urban Ballet, Exhibitionist, and Lady at Play. The reds include Latin Lover, Salsa Lessons, Siren, and Fireball. Violet Chiffon, Dragon Pink, and Fuchsia Flash identify a few of the intense purples.

Let me tell you about the sunset the other night: If I could wear that color I would.

One Reply to “Lipstick”

  1. I saw a nail polish at my salon called, “I am not a waitress.” My favorite nail color (for my hands) is Nomad’s dream – but, the nail lady and I call it “shiny brown” and she knows exactly what color I mean.

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